TV Guide - Sept. 1987 – Fall Preview Edition:
Tour of Duty

TVGuide-premiereAh, the cough of mortars...the stench of napalm...the sweat of foxholes...believe it or not some people like that stuff.  Alberto Ruiz (Ramon Franco), for instance.  Puerto Rican.  From the Bronx.  A street fighter.  And that's why he's in 'Nam---to fight.  Danny Percell (Tony Becker). Age 19.  All-American boy.  From Iowa.  Volunteered for Vietnam.  Marvin Johnson (Stan Foster): Black. From Kansas City.  Experienced jungle fighter.  Although there's a commanding officer and a gung-ho new second lieutenant (Stephen Caffrey), the real leader here is Platoon Sgt. Zeke Anderson (Terence Knox).  He does his best to keep his men alive--even the ones who don't want to be there, such as Pvt. Roger Horn (Joshua Maurer), a war protester who plays a mean harmonica.  CBS. Pictured l-r Stephen Caffrey, Joshua Maurer, Terence Knox and Ramon Franco


TVGuide-premiere2THURSDAY 8:00-9:00 Tour of Duty--
Terence Knox stars as tough-as-nails Sgt. Zeke Anderson, who leads a racially-mixed group of young U.S. soldiers through a year of combat duty in Vietnam.

Despite the recent successes of Vietnam-era movies, Platoon and Full Metal Jacket, this action series is expected to be MIA -- missing its audience. (CBS)

Tough Terence Knox (bottom row, center) leads his combat troops in Vietnam on a yearlong Tour of Duty.



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