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Name: Jerry
State/Province: Bavaria
Country: Germany
Sent: 03/01/2014 08:28:15 am

Hi Terry,
Amazon brought out a new complete special NAM (Tour of Duty) package. I have seen it 20 years ago on sky and now it comes in German language. My wife and I, we love your character and your acting skillness. Sorrily you never had such a great appearance again and we are wondering why?
You played really cool and realistic and for foreign people the introduction of this unbeloved war is a point in theatrical history! You were part of this! We know why there were only 3 seasons, shame on the producers. All the best to you from your fans in Germany, especially Bavaria!

Name: patty g
City: adrian
State/Province: mi
Country: USA
Sent: 02/28/2014 06:23:25 pm

Thank goodness for modern technology (DVD) so that we can still enjoy TOD! Sorry it wasn't given as long a run as MASH. Lots of excellent writing on that show, as well as strong performances, INCLUDING YOURS!! Wow!! Hope your career takes you where you want to be.

Name: Kody Currier
City: Morristown
State/Province: Tennessee
Country: U.S.A.
Sent: 02/23/2014 08:42:44 am

Hey there "Zeke!" I've been a big fan of your's since the pilot episode of "Tour Of Duty." I have your movie "Trip Wire," where I thought you played classic "Zeke Anderson". I am now 33 with a son of my own who is also a fan of T.O.D. I'd like to sit down and have a beer with ya and shoot the bull. T.O.D. Is still AWESOME! Keep it up bro!
Name: Nikki
City: Lafayette
State/Province: Indiana
Country: USA
Sent: 02/22/2014 04:34:41 pm

Just wondering what you are up to...always enjoyed your performances...
Name: Terence Assink
City: Vleuten
State/Province: Utrecht
Country: Netherlands
Sent: 02/15/2014 01:46:05 pm

Hello Terry,

I want to send you this note.
Iam a big fan of you.
I like youre tour of duty series.
Its a damn shame that no more series coming inn.
Youre in the age of 68 now., well iam 36 years old, but i can still watch youre movies well then and now honest, you were great!!!! so, i wanna thank you.
To be honest, its a shame that we never will see you on duty, but you are a still living memory always. Bye sarge first class Zeke Anderson. An greetings from Holland ( the Netherlands)from Terence

Name: Joy Moore
City: Heavener
State/Province: OKLAHOMA
Sent: 02/09/2014 08:38:49 pm

My husband and I loved Tour of Duty! We loved your Zeke, you where great in that role! We both grew up during the Vietnam war, my Uncle Larry fought in the war and came home, he was not the same happy go lucky Uncle I knew before though. You guys made that war come to life. I think the show should have continued and been as popular as Mash was.

Name: Lana
City: Los Angeles
State/Province: CA
Country: USA
Sent: 02/08/2014 03:41:18 pm

You are old but handsome!
Name: Aurelio
City: Yakima
State/Province: Washington
Country: USA
Sent: 01/23/2014 10:24:27 am

I really enjoyed watching your work on Tour of Duty T.V. Series. I look forward to watching more of your work.
Name: Kimmarie
City: Buxton
State/Province: Maine
Country: United States
Sent: 01/19/2014 08:58:55 pm

Hi Terry...I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed Tour of Duty...My father was a Vietnam Vet and it really helped show me more of what kinds of things he went through. He and I always watched Mash together eating popcorn...That was something we bonded with was war movies...Not much talk about Vietnam with him but in a way he shared it with me by watching the shows and sometimes saying that happened to me and so on...Well please you should act more...I really enjoy the way carry yourself as an actor. Take Care...
Name: Robert
Country: Germany
Sent: 01/13/2014 12:02:29 pm

Dear Terry,
I just re-discovered those Tour of Duty episodes which i taped back in the 90s when living in Australia. Back then your character inspired me to think rwice but still follow my gut feeling. Today i still benefit from this - and i am 50 now. Your acting was great and i wish i can buy you a beer one day

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