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Name: Andy
City: Noorderwijk
State/Province: Antwerpen
Country: Belgium
Sent: 01/01/2014 02:04:41 pm

I just found out by coincidence that my twin brother has posted something on your blog in 09/15/2010. And I can only say he was right ! We love(d) you in ToD !
Thx a lot !
Andy Van de Water

Name: Christina d
City: Salisbury
State/Province: Md
Country: USA
Sent: 12/16/2013 05:21:50 am

Name: carol
City: North Smithfield
State/Province: Rhode Island (RI)
Country: usa
Sent: 12/16/2013 02:24:18 am

Happy Birthday, Terry, from a long-time fan!
Name: Allen Courser
City: West Point
State/Province: Nebraska
Country: United States
Sent: 11/25/2013 07:41:03 am

As a VietNam Veteran, i justed wanted you to know that my all time favorite show was Tour of Duty. It touched me in ways that people will never know. It deplicted VN in the soliders view like no other show did. Thank you for bringing the VN experience to peoples homes and hopefully giving some understanding to the VN Veteran and their families.
Name: Ron Worley
City: DeerLake
State/Province: Wa
Country: USA
Sent: 11/23/2013 11:33:57 am

really enjoy watching your acting career and have the complete "Tour Of Duty" collection.
Name: Cindy Andrews
City: Brookville
State/Province: Indiana
Country: United States
Sent: 11/07/2013 06:16:43 pm

My all time favorite is Tour of Duty. I wrote to Mr. Knox as a kid and he sent me an autographed picture. I still have it at 40 years old. The show meant so much to me and my dad, who served as a Sgt. In Vietnam. The show got my dad to open up to me and tell me about what happened over there. It really helped him to talk about it. Now, I watch Tour of a Duty on DVD with my husband, and still get something new out of each and every episode. Thank you, for being apart of a great TV show. They don't make them like that anymore.

Best Wishes
Cindy Andrews
Biology Teacher

Name: Andrea
City: Plantsville
State/Province: Connecticut
Country: United States
Sent: 11/03/2013 02:23:07 pm


I am a huge fan of Tour of Duty. When my Dad was alive, we used to watch together every week. I was very disappointed Tour of Duty went off the air, but my Dad gave me every season on DVD.

I've always enjoyed you as an actor. Thanks for a great show.

Andrea Smith
Plantsville, CT

Name: Kenneth Smitheman
City: Seattle
State/Province: Wa
Country: USA
Sent: 10/27/2013 11:50:41 pm

Dear Mr.Knox,
I wish you the best. I have been a fan of yours since the ''Tour of Duty'' days. Keep up the good work. Kenneth

Name: Chris Buckley
City: Khon kaen
Country: Thailand
Sent: 10/18/2013 07:47:58 pm

Just finished watching Tour of Duty on youtube. Didn't watch when it first came out because I had just retired from the Army. Was starting to dream about being back in RVN. I could nitpick a hundred different things bu overall the show was outstanding. It was like seeing a coupla hundred snapshots of what I remember. You and the rest of the cast did a great job depicting those of us who served, warts as well as the positive.
Name: mel small
City: saint john
State/Province: new brunswick
Country: canada
Sent: 10/18/2013 12:21:20 pm

just to let you know how much I still enjoy you in Tour of Duty . Still watch all three seasons from time to time. My all time favorite series. You being my favorite actor.
Regards Mel

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