TV Guide, January 23, 1988
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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain TVGuide - tWar is hell.  So is filming it, if primetime’s two Vietnam dramas are any indication.  CBS’s Tour of Duty, produced on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, had built a replica of a peasant village.  When severe rains hit, says star Terence Knox (left), “We just huddled in the huts, but within 20 minutes we were all sliding down the hill in a mad scramble.”

The cast and crew were rescued from their bog by real Army vehicles.  Although ABC’s upcoming China Beach is filmed in California, it had its own monsoon.  “A flash flood came through and washed away the bridge and the Vietnamese village,” says co-creator William Broyles Jr., a veteran of the conflict.  “The place was filled with mud, and we’ve been sandbagging.  It’s just exactly like the war.”

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