TV Guide, April 19. 1990:

School of Hard Knox
TV Guide Grapevine

TVGuide april_19th_1990Tour of Duty’s Terence Knox, who recently moved into a beautiful Hollywood hills home, has learned that living uptown has its drawbacks. After years of residing in a loft in a scruffy section of downtown L.A., Knox has been trying to grow strawberries, tomatoes, and corn in his new garden, but he says, “The deer, skunks, and coyotes eat everything.” The coyotes are particularly pesty. Explains Knox (below) who plays Zeke Anderson on the CBS drama, “A neighbor came outside one day to see a coyote trying to jump his fence with his little dog in its mouth. This poor dog.  She’s thinking the coyote wants to make love to her or fight her, but not eat her!  I keep my cats indoors.”


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